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Click here and meet Ivory--QuiltSmiths' most loyal employee.  If you'd like your own furry friend there are rescue organizations for most breeds.  If you love Goldens, as we do, check out Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue at tvgrr.com, or Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue at magrr.org.  You'll be glad you did. Both sites have links to national rescue groups.

Fabrics - Here are just a few of our favorites.  We hope you'll see some old favorites as well as some new pieces for your personal stash.  New fabrics will be offered each week as we receive new items, so check back frequently.

Quality Essay - The Difference between Chain Store Fabrics and Quilters' Grade Fabrics

By Jim Salinas of Moda Fabrics

Gammill Machine QuiltSmiths now offers beautiful heirloom quilting!  Drop by our shop and see the samples.

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October 10, 2010
Last Friday Nights -
On October 29 there will be no Teen Sewing Night because Katie will be in Houston at Quilt Market.  See you in November.

October 5, 2010
The QuiltSmiths staff will be teaching a class on the construction of t-shirt quilts.  The class is being offered through the City of Germantown Parks and Recreation.  Classes will be held at the Pickering Center just west of Germantown High School at the Equestrian complex on Poplar Pike.  Classes are from 6:00 pm until 8:30 pm.  Germantown residents can sign up at the Parks and Recreation main office on West Street.  There is a required kit that includes supplies to turn your memorable t-shirts into a beloved quilt of memories.  Tools are available for purchase from QuiltSmiths, or you can borrow ours for the classes with returnable security deposit.  We urge you not to buy inferior chain store tools for this project.  The results you achieve will be noticeably better when you utilize professional grade tools.

March 1, 2010
Now available at QuiltSmiths
™, beautiful baby quilts that are expertly made from our new, premium 100% cotton quilting weight fabrics and new cotton batting.  Just the thing for a new baby when you don't have time to DIY.  Prices begin at $75.  Come see the available selection.


Volume 11, Issue 1 April 27, 2010

Greetings and welcome to QuiltSmiths™ Ties That Bind™©, the sporadic by nature newsletter.

We have a very special announcement.  Rita, with help from
Katie and our friends Dawn Young and Mary McKim have published Rita's  Five of Hearts™ quilt pattern, her first original, published pattern.  It is now available in the shop and by mail order as a pattern by itself for $9.00, and as a pattern and pre-printed interfacing kit for $29.50. 

Here is the finished prototype quilt, with Ivory posing.  Such a good doggie, and doing well after her health scare last spring.  Remember to give your dogs vitamins D and A.  Sorry, got distracted.  Rita's Five of Hearts™ quilt pattern is a machine or hand applique pattern that uses Quiltsmart™ pre-printed interfacing.  As you can see, it makes a very fun quilt and is very versatile as regards different styles of fabric.  And of course, Rita is teaching classes here at the shop in case you want to learn from the creator herself.

We have some new fabrics and invite you in to see them.  One of our best sellers is Minkee, the softest, most cuddly fabric ever.  We have soft pink, soft blue, soft yellow, lime green and aqua.  If you use Minkee as a backing for your quilt you do not need batting.

Send your thoughts, inquiries, and suggestions to, info@QuiltSmiths.com so that Katie can handle them.

If you have a complaint, a comment, or a kind word, drop me an e-mail at admin@QuiltSmiths.com

Happy Stitching!

Michael Smith
Sole Proprietor of QuiltSmiths, and solely responsible for the contents above.
"QuiltSmiths" and the Double Wedding Ring based device and logo, as well as "quiltsmiths.com" are both
™ and © 1999 - 2010.



We offer a 10% student discount on class supplies for our traditional adult quilting classes.  You can be sure that our fabric is first quality, 100% cotton quilting fabric.  Even if you are a beginner, start with quality quilt shop fabric.  Quality fabric is so much easier to work with, and produces a superior finished project.  We invite you to read the “Quality Essay” by a recognized fabric expert by following the link at the top of the page.

 I encourage you to use “the good stuff” for your quilt projects.  From the time we began QuiltSmiths, way back in December 1999, our goal as a business was to promote and teach the art and craft of quilt making so as to continue the legacy of those who came before us.  Since then I’ve observed that working with fabric, whether sewing, quilting or other needle work is truly therapeutic.  How wonderful that we can make something beautiful and full of love that also comforts us in the process of creating, as well as in daily use. - Rita Smith